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Date: 2-8-2015
Author: Fast Track Ent. Inc.
We've had many requests from drivers wanting to reserve a pit spot so if they show up a little late, they still have a place to park their truck & trailer. So, we're going to implement a a plan this season. Each reserved spot will be $35 per race x16 races (no refunds for rain outs) which comes to $560. There is already a cement pad to the right as you come into the pit area. It can hold 3, maybe 4 cars. The other cement area up further at the fork in the road, is already spoken for. Those wishing to pour a pad, need to talk to Todd to arrange it and it's at drivers expense. Drivers will be responsible for marking their pit spot so no one else parks there. Each spot must be renewed each season. All other pit spots are and always have been, open on a first come first gets it each race.
Date: 1-16-2015
Author: Skip
Reserve Number Requests.
Rules - new drivers - first check last years "Results" page and see if the number you want was used last year. If it was, that driver has first rights this season to that number - pick another number.
Last year drivers, your car number will be reserved for you this season through May 2015 but if you are going to race with us this season, I WANT TO HERE FROM YOU.
Use only the "Track Operations Information" link to reserve your number. Posts on the Guestbook for reserved numbers will be ignored.
I need the following info from you in you request:
1. Name (First & Last)
2. Car Number and Division.
3. Year, Make & Model of your racecar.
4. Telephone number where you can be reached between 6 - 9 PM nightly.
I will be calling you for more info. Your number will not be reserved until I talk to you. I will call drivers in the order listed.
Ensure you provide all 4 items listed above, especially item #4.
Date: 12-21-2014
Author: Skip
You need a raceceiver to race at Barona Speedway.
All radios must be mounted behind the headrest and be accessible to Officials.
Speedway Motors, phone (800) 979-0122 ( currently has the raceceiver package at a good price ($134.99).
The package (910W16001) includes
(91071702) Raceceiver FD1600+ Fusion Plus $99.99
(910W1601) Raceceiver Fully Enclosed Car Box - $9.99
(910LP1600) Raceceiver Ear Piece - $25.99
Date: 9-15-2013
Author: Fast Track Enterprises, Inc.
Whenever you want to know about practice for the Mini's or big cars, go to the Guest Book page. It's posted there by Wed. if there will be one. Thank you
Date: 4-5-2013
Author: Fast Track Ent. Inc.
Just a friendly reminder - If you're going to post on our guest book - you must use a legitimate name and e-mail (no made up goofy ones) or they don't get posted. Be willing to stand behind your suggestions and/or criticism.
Date: 3-17-2011
Author: skip
Drivers your frequency is 462.6375. Set your scanner/raceceiver to this.
If they change will update.
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