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Date: 1-11-2017
Author: Greg Brent
Happy New Year!!
Just throwing out an idea for next year, how about for double points night races we run Twin 20 lap races, the chosen class for the night run the 1st Main Event and the Last Main Event, the different divions would rotate each having one or two double points races a year. For the Dwarf class because at times we have more than 20 cars, the 20 cars that make the 1st Main Event are guaranteed a spot in the 2nd Main Event, but if after the 1st race a car is unable to race the 2nd race we would fill the field from the B Main Event finishers. Just a thought.
Date: 1-11-2017
Author: Debi Chapman
The RAD meeting is at 6pm tonight, not 6:30 at Marechiaros on 2nd Street just south of I8 in El Cajon. Great food, hope to see you there.
Date: 1-10-2017
Author: larry
Oops ! Rad Meeting will be on 1-11-17 at 6:30 PM.
Date: 1-10-2017
Author: Larry
There will be a Racers Against Drugs Meeting , at Marechiaros Restaurant, on 854 2nd St. , on the corner of Peach St, at 6:30 PM , All are Welcome to Attend , " Come See What RAD is all about ! " .
Date: 1-5-2017
Author: Tim
Tony Cortez irwindale gets any were from 20 to 40 plus cars in that class. It would be nice to run 8 to 10 races a year... look it up on youtube. Be perfect for a fan who wants to go race and get there feet wet with out being a high cost
Date: 1-4-2017
Author: Fast Track Ent Inc.
We are working on the schedule and will get it posted as soon as possible. Opening day will be on March 25th (weather permitting).
Date: 1-4-2017
Author: Tony Cortes
What about a front wheel drive flag pole class next year. Cheap fun racing that would bring fans to the track and more money to the racetrack

I don't know much about this but it might be a good idea. Any way to introduce more entry level racers. I could see the local "tuners" embracing a class like this.
Date: 1-3-2017
Author: Frank68
In response to Tim's suggestion, with six classes I don't feel adding another is a good Idea, you'd have to eliminate a class or make one sit out each week & with only 15-17 races i don't feel its a good idea to add another class. Scheduling a different class occasionally does work though.

Date: 1-1-2017
Author: Jeff Stoddard
Happy New Year, Y'all !!!!!

Date: 12-29-2016
Author: Debi Chapman
Is anybody here any more????? Awful quiet.
Date: 12-27-2016
Author: Tim
What about a front wheel drive flag pole class next year. Cheap fun racing that would bring fans to the track and more money to the racetrack
Date: 12-25-2016
Author: Trishia Salazar
Merry Christmas from our family to yours! The Salazar's
Date: 12-24-2016
Author: Larry
Want to take this time To Wish all the Volunteers, Racers, and Their Families and Judi and Todd and their Families a Very Merry Christmas, Thank You all ! and a Happy and Great 2017 ! .
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